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The African Angler

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Angling Adventures in the Land of the Pharoahs

The African Angler has over 17 years' experience in Egypt and is a leading authority on all types of specialised tourism in southern Egypt from Aswan and Lake Nasser down to Abu Simbel.

Join The African Angler on one of these world-famous Fishing Safaris, fishing for Nile perch, Tiger fish and the giant Vundu catfish on Lake Nasser, the biggest manmade lake in Africa.

Most anglers who visit Lake Nasser for the first time will catch the largest fresh water fish of their life; practically everyone achieves this goal and has an angling adventure they will never forget.

This experience is unlike any other. Brothers, Tim and Peter Baily have pioneered sport fishing safaris on Lake Nasser on the Nile in southern Egypt since 1994 and you will benefit from their experience and expertise.

There are two particular safaris that will suit the adventurous angler in search of a challenge, fine fishing and good company.

Lake Nasser Safari
The Lake Nasser Safari is designed for anglers who would like to come on their own or with a friend and then join in the atmosphere of a sociable camp with other anglers.

Nubian Safari (Private Safari)
Then there’s the Nubian private safari, which consists of one or more live-aboard fishing boats supported by a mother ship for dining and entertaining. This safari can start or end on any day of the year and last for as long as is required - ideal for anglers who want the flexibility of deciding how long they want to stay.
The Nubian Safari offers a degree of independence, which many anglers prefer and is ideal for a small group of friends who would like to set out and explore the lake, at their own pace, on a private fishing adventure that has few equals anywhere.

House & Stealth Boat Combo
You can also use a houseboat in conjunction with stealth fishing boats, which allows you to bring along a group of friends or family. Some can stay on the houseboat while the rest of you go off fishing in peace! There are more details about this and other options in the brochure.

And if you would like to combine your fishing holiday with visiting some of ancient Egypt’s incredible monuments, the African Angler is expert at all things Egyptian and can tailor a holiday specially for you.

Alternatively, if you are just passing through Aswan, you can come day fishing on any day of the year.

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